Thank you for visiting 285 Creative. We offer Social Media Management, Online Video Production, Podcasting, Web Design & Development, App Design, SEO and MUCH more!Chances are you found your way here because you are an innovator. You’re on a mission to give your business the edge online, you want to stand out and use the latest tools that are available to you. But you are in business, not a geek. And while you are blown away by what your kids do on a computer you aren’t exactly 100% sure you want to trust your businesses image to them, not just yet anyway. And since you haven’t played the lottery in weeks because times are rough you also aren’t in any mood to shell out a small fortune to see minimal returns from your online efforts. This is where 285 Creative comes in. As the name suggests, we offer a multitude of creative solutions for online and the traditional advertising media aspect of your business. We’ve  also decided to dedicate ourselves to helping business owners and customers along the 285 Corridor of Colorado and surrounding communities. We live here too. Your success as a business and online benefits us all when you get right down to it. Of course we’ll help anyone anywhere but our focus is helping our friends and neighbors. All of this sounds swell but what can we do for you? We specialize in Social Media Creation and Management, Viral Video Production, Podcast Production and Web Consultation. There are a lot of trendy words in that, what’s the translation?

The Internet has changed drastically over the last few years. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter have changed the dynamic for a businesses online presence. Before, you needed just a website in order to be taken serious as a competitive business. Now a days in addition to your web site a business needs to have several social media options to offer potential clients and customers. It’s like your web site visitors look for that little “F” button as if it has the Facebook seal of approval so to speak. And while all of the social media sites out there are extremely user friendly to create it can quickly overwhelm a do it yourself type of person who is trying to stay on top of running their business as well as maintain an online presence. This is where 285 Creative comes in. We will design for your business a completely customized package to fit your needs and budget.

Here is some of what we do. All of our services are ala carte AND we will consider barter.

  • Evaluate your current web site. We look at how well your site is designed and how it performs on various search engines.
  • Our goal first & foremost is to ensure your web site is working for you and doing it’s job.
  • If you do not have an existing web site, we can certainly create one for you. We design for optimal search engine results.
  • We customize existing themes and templates to save you time and money as well as you’ll be able to preview hundreds of designs prior to picking one.
  • We develop a seamless consistent look for your online presence. Your web site, social media site, twitter and so on blend together for a professional look and feel.
  • Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O. ). From the ground up, your site is constructed with search engines in mind.
  • What’s right for you? A standard web site, a blog, an online store? Do you want to manage your site yourself or have us do it for you? We offer both solutions.
  • Video and Audio production services. One viral video can do more for a business than an entire advertising campaign.
  • In our studio or at your location we can create and develop a podcast. Basically your online radio show. The reach and power of podcasting is limitless.
  • Photo & Graphic Design. We can create for you traditional advertising materials as well as logos, charts or diagrams as well as professionally shoot your business or products.
  • App Design. Extremely popular, and there is no reason why a small mom & mop shop can’t have the latest technology, have an app for their business thats affordable.
  • And it doesn’t stop there. If it’s creative we can do it! We partner with you to make you visions and dreams come to life.
We love what we do and it shows in our work. Here on our site you’ll be able to see samples of our previous work as well as read various postings about the stuff we do. We like to talk about our industry in a way that everyone can understand. So get to know us and see what we can do for you. Please don’t hesitate to email us any questions you may have and share your thoughts and ideas. Tell us what you would like to accomplish and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.



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